Thank you for purchasing Peripheral Electronics’® iSimple BMW interface. The iSimple BMW interface is designed to provide endless hours of listening pleasure through your vehicles’ factory radios. To ensure that your iPod performs correctly in your car, we recommend that you read this entire manual before attempting installation of the iSimple BMW interface. The iSimple BMW interface will allow you to connect your iPod to a factory radio that has the ability to control a CD changer. The iSimple BMW is designed to be used with Generation 3, 4, Mini and Photo iPods.

For proper operation of the iSimple BMW interface, your iPod must be updated with the most recent version of Firmware from Apple. This is done on your computer. To Update the software on the iPod go to http://www.apple.com/ipod/download/. Follow the directions on the website to complete the download. There is no charge for this update.

To eliminate the risk of an electrical short, we recommend disconnecting the car battery in most vehicles, except in the following situations:
  • Vehicles equipped with on-board navigation should not have the car’s battery disconnected. Doing so may cause loss of memory settings. These settings would then have to be reprogrammed by an authorized car dealer for a fee to be paid by the vehicle’s owner. For these vehicles, we recommend extreme caution when handling exposed 12V power or ground wires/connectors.
  • Vehicles that incorporate a security-code protecting the radio. If the car’s battery or the radio’s power plugs are disconnected, the radio will not operate without re-entering the security-code. If you have access to the security-code, feel comfortable disconnecting the battery and the radio’s power connectors. Other wise, do not disconnect the battery and exercise extreme caution while handling exposed 12V power or ground wires/connectors.


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