Download Honda Jazz VTi-S 1.5 litre Manual.pdf electric power steering, honda models, honda jazz, seat fabric, sound insulation, functional vehicle, pushbutton controls, flexible arrangement, rear doors, fuel consumption, load space, highway speeds, clever design, seating position, compact dimensions, adequate level, steering wheel,The new Jazz is a functional vehicle with a short nose design that makes efficient use of its compact dimensions. The styling is pleasantly modern, and not dissimilar to other high roof offerings from other manufacturers in recent times. However, some clever design features do set the Jazz apart from most other rivals. Removing the fuel tank from the rear of the vehicle and locating it beneath the front floor has allowed the Honda Jazz to have quite a low and flat floor, thereby maximising passenger and load space.To take full advantage of the space available, the rear seating offers a particularly flexible arrangement that can be folded into three distinct positions with a minimum of fuss. With quite wide opening front and rear doors, access into and out of the Jazz is a simple affair. The seats are well shaped, comfortable and offer an adequate level of support.

The reasonably upright seating position and short bonnet give an excellent view of the road ahead which assists in making the Jazz an easy vehicle to drive. The interior of the new Jazz is modern and sporty. The VTi-S has a leather bound steering wheel, bold seat fabric and white-faced instruments with aluminium coloured bezels.

A combination of rotary and pushbutton controls are located in the centre of the dashboard, and are clear and easy to use. The Jazz is articularly well suited to negotiating typical urban traffic conditions as all the controls are very light and positive in their operation. For a small car that weighs a little over a tonne, the 1.5 litre engine provides ample performance when mated to the manual gearbox and returns good fuel consumption. At highway speeds the cabin tends to suffer from some resonance that could be suppressed with some additional sound insulation. The Jazz is one of a number of Honda models to use an electric power steering set-up.

The system is speed sensitive and gives good road feel and marginally reduces fuel consumption. Anti-lock brakes are a real bonus in an entry-level vehicle and work well to provide excellent stopping power in an emergency.

Honda Jazz VTi-S 1.5 litre Manual


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