This version is also a service for owners of the first generation Mazda RX-7s, with the a devil of a time of the search for plant maintenance mechanics and distributors of materials a reasonable price

Contents of Mazda RX-7 626 1981 Training Manual
  • General
    Major Changes for 1981
    17 digit VIN
    Temporary Spare Tire
    PDI procedure
  • 626
    Power Steering
    Tilt Steering
    Power Sliding Sunroof
    Magnetic Door Lock
    Relay Panel
  • RX-7
    Limited Slip Differential
    Manual Transmission
    Front Suspension
    Rear Disc Brakes
    Control Processing Unit
    Power Antenna
    Rear Window Wiper and Washer
  • 626, RX-7
    Cruise Control
    Brake Master Cylinder
    Self Adjusting Rear Brakes
    Power Window
    Remote Control Door Mirror
  • Engine Tune Up Procedure
    Piston Engine Tune-Up Procedure
    RX-7 Engine Tune Up Procedure
    1981 Engine Tune Up Specification
  • P.D.I & Scheduled Maintenance Emission Control Systems
    Emission Standard for 1981
    Emission Family for 1981
    626 Emission Control System
    RX-7 Emission Control System
    Emission Components Location and Components Explanation 626, RX-7, GLC, B2000
    Vacuum Hose Routing Diagram 626, RX-7, GLC, B2000 california ~ Emission Checking Procedure 626, RX-7, GLC

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