Download Mazda MX6 Wiring Diagram. This Wiring Diagram is cover the Daytime running lights wiring block diagram for the Mazda MX6 1996 vehicle.

Contents of Mazda MX6 1996 Wiring Diagram
  • General Information, Ground point, Electrical wiring schematic, Fuse/relay/CPU/Switches.
  • Instrument Cluster/Warning system, Windshield wiper and washer, exterior lighting system, Signal lighting system, Heater and Air conditioner system, Rear window defroster, Interior Lamp system, Audio, Power window system, power door lock system/keyless entry system, outer mirror, sliding sunroof, power seat.
  • Cruise control system, theft deterrent system/horn, Common connectors, joint box.
  • Basic flow and troubleshooting, Troubleshooting flowchart.
  • Electrical wiring schematic.
  • Fundamental troubleshooting, precautions. How to read the Diagram and symbols.

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