To read this Owner's Manual carefully. You will then get to know your new car quickly and will be able to start off on your trip with complete confidence. You will notice, your Volkswagen has many features designed with your safety in mind. The first part of this manual deals with the operation of your Volkswagen. Everything about winter driving, tips on care of the vehicle and numerous points on carrying out small repairs and adjustments are given in the second half. It further contains information on lubrication and maintenance and some interesting technical data.

Additionally, this book contains the warranty voucher and the terms of warranty as well as a punchcard for the free-of-charge maintenance service and a maintenance schedule. An easy-touse maintenance record provides a stamping field. so you can tell at a glance when a maintenance service is due. The stamps in the squares show that the oil changes and maintenance services have been carried out regularly.

Table contents 1969 VW Type III Owner's Manual
  • Getting acquainted
  • Winter operation
  • Care of car
  • Minor repairs and adjustments
  • Trouble shooting
  • How to lubricate
  • Technical data
  • Identification plate, Chassis and Engine numbers
  • Index
  • Lubrication and maintenance
  • Maintenance Record

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