Precision Interface Electronics (PIE) has released a new line of VW iPod interfaces that allow you to interface your iPod or iPod Mini directly to the OEM (factory) radio in your Volkswagen Group Vehicle. Using this interface, the iPod will take the place of the VW CD Changer, noted you will see the difference in operations. The radio will be able to directly access your playlist (s), just like changing disc. If any playlist contain more than 100 tracks, the tracks will be divided into sub-folder of 100 tracks each. These folders are referred to as “BANKS”.

The CD Changer function of the radio will be utilized to operate the iPod, allowing you to benefit from:
  • Direct connection of the iPod to VW vehicle audio system for optimum sound quality
  • Control iPod playback with the CD Changer buttons on the VW radio
  • Direct access and control of up to 6 favorite playlist
  • Charges the iPod internal battery
  • Plug-n-play: includes installation cable, interface and owner’s manual
Use with one of the following iPod models: iPod (G3/G4) , iPod Photo and iPod mini equipped with a dock connector. Note: The operation and functions of this interface described herein have only been confirmed with the following firmware versions (see for firmware updates*). Once your iPod™ or iPod™ mini is connected to the interface, the radio will see all the playlist(s) as CD's. The VW radio will allow a maximum of 6 CDs/playlist (i.e. presets 1 - 6). Therefore, you will need to name your playlist(s) using the letters "CD" and the number corresponding to that preset. The entire library will automatically be stored in any unnamed/empty playlist (if any playlist is left unnamed/empty).



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