Ford Mobile Connectivity Getting Started

Would you like to use your mobile phone in your Ford? Or listen to music on your iPod, USB stick or mobile phone? Operate everything using voice commands? No problem with your new Ford. This Getting Started guide explains how to use this system. How to connect your mobile phone with your Ford via Bluetooth Before you can use your phone in your Ford, you have to create a Bluetooth connection. First familiarize yourself with your mobile phone’s Bluetooth functions (see the user manual for your phone) and then proceed as follows: 1. Switch on your phone’s Bluetooth function. 2. In the Bluetooth menu on your phone, search for “Ford Audio“ and then select it. 3. A personal PIN will now appear on the radio display. Enter this PIN in your mobile phone. If no PIN appears on the radio display, enter 0000 in your mobile phone and then the PIN that appears on the radio display. 4. If your mobile phone asks you to authorize the automatic connection, confirm with “Yes“. 5. Now your phone is active and you can use the handsfree functions. Download free Ford Mobile Connectivity Getting Started pdf here

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