How To Replace The Thermostat Toyota

Shut the engine off, allow it to cool and check the coolant level. Coolant level should also be checked at the coolant reservoir (as per Owner’s Manual). Fill the radiator as required. Refer to the Owner's Manual for exact fill level specifications. NOTE: If vehicle overheats after thermostat installation, check with dealer for advanced diagnosis. Please refer to the following sources for additional information: • Your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual • Your vehicle’s Repair Manual • Genuine Toyota Coolant Brochure Moving parts like the fan blade and drive belts, as well as extreme heat in the engine compartment or from the exhaust system can result in serious injury. • Approach with caution and care. • Never take shortcuts when replacing parts. • Improper servicing may damage your Toyota and lead to personal injury. • Unless you have proper knowledge, equipment and tools, you should have your Toyota Dealer Service Department perform the repairs and maintenance. Proper installation of Genuine Toyota replacement parts is essential for the safe and reliable operation of your vehicle. Following these instructions will: • Help to assure your personal safety • Assist you in the proper replacement of specific parts There are many variations in the step-by-step procedures used in installing various parts, and varying skill levels of individuals doing the parts replacement. These instructions cannot anticipate all circumstances or provide advice and caution on each. If you are in doubt concerning your ability to replace the part or have any questions, consult your local Toyota Dealer Service Department and have the work performed by an experienced technician. Download free FHow To Replace The Thermostat Toyota pdf here

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