Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Radio Wire Harnesses

Most major auto makers use the same wire colors year after year . However, Ford does not consistently use the same wire colors. Two identical vehicles can have different wire colors depending upon the year of the vehicle where different models may have completely different wire colors from all other Ford vehicles. Ford uses 3 wiring configurations which makes it difficult to accurately show correct radio wire configurations and wire colors.

Standard wire harness connectors: this connector design is for basic radios but many times one vehicle model has different wire colors from another vehicle model. Premium or amplified wire harness connectors: these connectors are used with JBL, Mach, and other Ford amplified radio systems. One connector has all wires contained inside a gray data cable and these wires should never be cut. Common ground wiring: Older Ford vehicles used a common ground wiring method or in other words they only used one ground wire for all speakers in the vehicle. This wiring method should be obsolete and will not be shown in this sheet. Download free Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Radio Wire Harnesses pdf here

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