E38 BMW 740i/iL M62 Intake Manifold Removal

In order to remove the intake manifold, we will need to remove the plastic engine/cylinder cover, unhook the injector electronics, remove the throttle body and the top fuel rail. Press (1) and take off the engine cover. Open the small plastic covers (2) and unscrew 10mm bolts to take out the cylinder covers. When lifting the cylinder covers, be careful not to drop the bolt guides.

Unclip (1) and (2). There is another clip in the opposite side of (2). Unclip it as well. Take out the air filter cover. Unclip these sensors (3) (air mass flow sensor and air temperature sensor) and untighten the clamp (4). You can pull out the ICV hose (5) and disconnect the AFM. As you take out the AFM, you will see an air restrictor (it is to reduce noise?) (6), unscrew 10mm bolt to take it out. Download free E38 BMW 740i/iL M62 Intake Manifold Removal.pdf here

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