Installing the Cyron HT-1506 LED footwell light kit in a Toyota Prius

This guide was written by a Prius owner who is neither a photographer nor a graphic artist. This will become obvious as you read this document. It is assumed that if you are going to attempt this installation that you are familiar with auto mechanical systems, auto electrical systems, and basic tools. This guide is meant to be informative but cannot be guaranteed to be complete nor to represent what is found in your vehicle. The author disclaims any liability or responsibility for anything that happens to your vehicle as a result of following these instructions, including damage to your vehicle, personal injury, emotional distress, paper cuts, and anything else I may have forgotten. Bottom line: Please use good common sense and don’t sue me if anything goes wrong!

The purpose of this guide is to assist in the installation of the Cyron HT-1506 background LED lighting kit in a Toyota Prius. The Cyron light kit is available at Costco for around $50 or online from Ebay or Cyron. The pictures are from a 2005 and 2008 Toyota Prius. The Cyron HT-1506 uses 3 primary color LED’s (Red, Green, and Blue) to generate solid and mixed colors and can be set to scan through the pre-programmed color ranges or stopped at one particular color. Some have tied the kit to the 12v accessory outlet so that it comes on whenever the car is powered up. I chose to tie my kit into the car’s dome light circuit so that it comes on when the dome lights illuminate and turns off about 10 seconds or less after the dome lights extinguish. Both methods are described in this guide. I have also installed a manual override switch that allows me to turn the light on whenever I want, even if the car is not powered on. I based my design on what I have read about the Toyota OEM footwell lighting kit. I have never used or disassembled the Toyota kit, and my circuit design is based on the description of how it works and what I know about the operation of the dome light control circuit as published in the Toyota wiring manual for the Prius. I would guess Toyota’s design is similar if not the same. Download free Installing the Cyron HT-1506 LED footwell light kit in a Toyota Prius pdf here

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