Acura Belt Tension Gauge Calibration and Repair

Drive belt tension can be critical to the bearing life of the A/C compressor, alternator, etc. Tension should be checked and adjusted when a new belt is installed, and when a used belt is removed and reinstalled during a repair. For that reason, each Acura dealership is being sent a Belt Tension Gauge Set (T/N 07TGG-001000A). This set contains: Belt tension gauge (T/N 07JGG-001010A) Belt tension gauge extension cable Belt tension gauge checker (T/N 07TGG-001010A) Plastic pouch and instruction manual Refer to the appropriate service manual for drive belt tension specifications and procedures. The calibration of the belt tension gauge should be checked regularly. Use the Belt Tension Gauge Checker included in the Gauge Set. If needed, additional checkers may be ordered through normal parts ordering channels. The part number is 07TGG-001010A. Download free Acura Belt Tension Gauge Calibration and Repair pdf here

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