Acura Automatic Transmission In-Warranty Exchange Program

Any warranty, AHFC Vehicle Service Contract (VSC), or Certified Used Car (CUC) repair of an A/T (with an internal failure that calls for A/T disassembly) requires you to install a remanufactured A/T and torque converter. These parts are available through the Automatic Transmission Remanufacturing (ATR) Program. This service bulletin tells you what you need to do to replace an A/T through the ATR Program. This bulletin covers • Warranty Claim Information • Required Materials • Diagnosis • In-Warranty Exchange • ATR Program Frequently Asked Questions. This service bulletin applies to all Acura vehicles covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty period (4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first). Download free Acura Automatic Transmission In-Warranty Exchange Program pdf here

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