BMW E36 Differential Swap

Step 1: Get the car way up in the air safely secured on jack stands. I used a small jack to lift under one of the front jacking pads. Then I slid the large jack under the front of the car and lifted it. Insert two large jack stands under the front pads. Then I moved the large jack to the back and lifted it as high as I could. And, you guessed it...insert two large jack stands under the pads.

Step 2: Remove the sway bar. This isn't really necessary, but really makes things easier later on. It's easy to do, so as Nike says, "Just do it." First remove the top mounting nuts from both sides (pictured is the driver's side): Next remove the chassis mounts for the sway bar. Again, the driver's side is pictured. It won't fall right away, so don't fret. Download free BMW E36 Differential Swap.pdf here

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