Acura Front Seat Belt Buckle Campaign

The plastic button on Takata front seat belt buckles may break. Pieces from the broken button could fall into the seat belt buckle, causing it to not latch or not unlatch. Owners of affected vehicles will be contacted by mail. The owner will be asked to take the vehicle to a dealership for repair or updating. The text of the customer letter is at the end of this service bulletin. Carefully inspect the front seat belt buckles for proper function and cracked or chipped release buttons. Replace or modify the buckles accordingly. Push the seat belt latch plate into the buckle. They should latch together with a sharp click. Push the PRESS button to release the latch plate from the buckle. It should release with a sharp click and the latch plate should pop out of the buckle. • If both buckles latch and unlatch properly, continue to Button Inspection. • If either buckle does not latch or unlatch properly, go to Seat Belt Buckle Replacement. Download free Acura Front Seat Belt Buckle Campaign pdf here

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