Acura R-134a Refrigerant A/C System

Starting with the 1993 NSX and Legends, Acura will begin equipping cars with R-134a refrigerant A/C systems. The refrigerant R-12 used in car air conditioners contains CFCs. Consequently, R-12 refrigerant will be phased out and replaced with the new refrigerant, R-134a, which does not contain CFCs. Air conditioners using R-134a look similar to the existing R-12 air conditioners in terms of system structure. The most significant difference is the refrigerant itself. This Service Bulletin explains the differences between R-12 and R-134a air conditioner systems, how to identify the system components, and how to service the R-134a air conditioner system. NOTE: Always refer to the service manual for specific model information and procedures. Observe the following service precautions carefully when servicing R-134a air conditioner systems: Only use service equipment that is U.L.-listed and is certified to meet the requirements of SAE J2210 (1991) to remove R-134a from the air conditioner. Download free Acura R-134a Refrigerant A/C System pdf here

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