Audi TT Haldex Filter Removal and Oil Change

The following directions are a suggestion; Please take this as a guide, not the final word. Hope this helps someone. You will need a Haldex Wrench, Filter, Oil, chalking gun, 5mm Allen, 3/8” socket wrench & extension bar. (Note: Oil temp should be between 20°-40° C per Bentley Manual – A short ride will work fine.) 1. Jack or pull the rear of your car up on ramps so that you can easily access the underneath (rear) of your car. 2. Locate the filter on your Haldex unit 3. Take your wrench and reach behind the suspension arms and place the wrench on the filter as shown. 4. Install the socket wrench and extension bar into the H-Wrench as shown. 5. Push the wrench forward to loosen filter. Once loose remove it by hand. 7. Apply oil to the gasket and install the new filter. 8. Drain oil by removing the plug on the bottom of the unit. The plug takes a 5mm Allen. Download free Audi TT Haldex Filter Removal and Oil Change pdf here

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