BMW E46 M3 Training Manual Driveline

The S54B32 is a 4-valve per cylinder dual VANOS naturally aspirated engine with high torque and high-rev concepts. High torque is developed by a large volume engine at low engine rpm and a long total gear ratio. High-rev is achieved with a small displacement “lightweight” (internal components) engine and short total gear ratio. This powertrain provides the best of both worlds by using a 3.2 Liter in-line 6 cylinder configuration coupled to a 6 speed manual transmission. System Components Engine Block: The S54 engine block is cast iron in order to absorb the high forces produced by the crankshaft (combustion pressure and high engine rpm). The engine block has cast provisions for 3 Knock Sensors and and the Crankshaft Position/RPM Sensor (on the intake side). The cylinder bores are 87 mm in diameter and are spaced 91 mm on center. The “bare” block weighs approximately 105 lbs. (48 kg). Crankshaft and Bearings: The S54 crankshaft is forged steel with 12 counterweights and a 91 mm stroke. The crankshaft is supported by 7 (60 mm diameter) main bearings with 49 mm diameter connecting rod journals. The “thrust” bearing is a multipiece shell assembled as a unit and is located on the number 6 main journal of the crankshaft. Download free BMW E46 M3 Training Manual Driveline pdf here

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