BMW Operating Fluids Man Trans

Gear lubricants for manual transmissions must conform to the following requirements due to the different transmission designs with considerable variation in loads, temperature and speeds. The qualities of a recommended gear lubricant are: A. Load carrying capacity, i.e. high-pressure resistance. B. Noise reduction. C. Non-corrosive to various metals. D. Non-foaming. E. Non-separation of additives at operating temperatures. F. Non-sludge forming. G. Prevention of swelling, hardening and shrinking of seals. These properties are already provided in manual transmission oil by: — High-pressure additives. — Corrosion inhibitors. — Oxidation inhibitors (inhibitors which limit or prevent chemical reactions). — Anti-foaming agents. BMW manual transmissions are designed so that they do not require aftermarket oil additives. BMW disapproves the use of any oil additives and cannot accept the liability for any consequential damage that results from using oil additives. A. All reputable brand mineral-based transmission oils of viscosity class SAE 80 according to specifications MIL-L-2105 or API GL-4 (no label on transmission bell housing). B. Synthetic transmission fluid, Mobil SHC 630 (325e/528e without dual mass flywheel, produced before mid-1986). Manual transmissions which are filled with Mobil SHC 630 synthetic gear lube have a green label with the words “Special Oil” located next to the oil filter plug. Download free BMW Operating Fluids Man Trans pdf here

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