BMW E30 Headlight Wiring Instructions

This document details the steps required to converting a sealed beam headlight system as found in the 90 on BMW e30 to an US Ellipsoidal/Euro Smiley/Cibie CSR based system. The US Ellipsoid system uses single element 9005 and 9006 bulbs for the high and low beams respectively, whereas the Euro Smiley and Cibie CSR systems use a single element H1 bulb for BOTH the high and low beams. As an added caveat, due to the interdependence of the low beam and fog light circuits, a discussion of rewiring to maintain the fog light unloader circuit (fogs off with highs on) is also presented. This discussion then proceeds to the work required to create front fogs that will function with only the parking lights illuminated as well as the additional parts and work required for the installation of the rear fog light circuit. Download free BMW E30 Headlight Wiring Instructions pdf here

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