BMW E90/E92 OEM Alarm Installation

I went forward with my E90 alarm install, and took some pics along the way. I would say that it is an easy install, as long as you have some mechanical confidence and experience. The "hardest" part is removing the left rear wheel to install the siren. Since our cars do not come with a jack, you have to use your own (or buy the BMW jack), and there are special lift points that require a special fitting so as not to damage the lift point (nice work BMW). If you have any doubts about your ability to safely lift your car with a jack, do not attempt this install. The E90 Factory Alarm kit from BMW (pn 66 12 0 403 658) lists for $300 but I got mine for about $229 from Circle BMW. They supplied the kit and printed out the offical BMW PDF instructions, which dealers have access to. Typically the kit does not include printed instructions since they obviously prefer the dealer to do the installation. The kit is pretty minimal, and kind of a crime that it costs so much and it not included with every car. [Thumbs Down] It consists of an ultrasonic module for inside the vehicle, a hood switch, and a siren that goes up under the left rear wheel well. See picture below: Download free BMW E90/E92 OEM Alarm Installation pdf here

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