BMW Cruise Control Actuator Technical Data

The throttle is simultaneously linked by cable to the cruise control actuator and by a second cable to the accelerator pedal. The core of the cruise control actuator is a small motorized drum which winds or unwinds a belt of rubberized fabric. This control belt is affixed to the cable connected to the throttle. Thus, by winding the belt the throttle cable can be retracted, or by unwinding it can be extended.

When the cruise control is not in use, the motor drive is disengaged from the drum. This allows the drum to turn easily and the throttle cable to move freely in response to accelerator pedal action. A clockwork style spring supplies mild tension to keep the belt wrapped around the drum and also takes up slack from the throttle cable.

A solenoid is used to engage the motor drive with the drum. When the solenoid is energized a small armature is moved which pushes a sprocket into contact with the integrated gear on the drum. At this point, if current is supplied to the drive motor, the drum will wind. If the polarity of the current is reversed, the drum will unwind. Download free BMW Cruise Control Actuator Technical Data.pdf here

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